420 is on Easter Sunday

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Q: “You ever regret anything?”

Prince: “No… you take one thing out and the structure falls.”

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My inbox is open to anything. If you want to talk, if you want advice, if you want to vent, anything. 

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They just don’t make movies like the Ditchdigger ‘s Daughters anymore.

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The images speak for themselves

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Broken hearts aren’t just for loves gone awry.

So I didn’t graduate from a HBCU but I just knew I’d make up for it when I went back for my Master’s. … About a month ago, I was researching Education programs and found out Howard, my dream school, recently terminated their degree program. 

… I haven’t given a serious eye to a school since.

Controversy Over 16-Year-Old FAMU Student Ralph Jones Who Chose an HBCU Over Harvard


This warms my heart. Shoutout to all the current students and alum of HBCU’s everywhere!

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*real tears*

No one knows the pain lil 4-year old Trina felt at this moment. 

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i have never seen anyone f—- up this masterfully


Easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

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