Australian model caught distracted during a photo shoot when the first plane hit tower 1. What an epic photo.

It’s so weird to think that normal things were happening on 9/11. People were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, models were doing photoshoots… and the planes hit. 

One of my favorite pictures on Tumblr.

holy shit

i wonder what was going through her head at that moment


if i was that model..i would be freaking out and not just you know sitting there like watching a flying cat

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Mocha Kids Magazine

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Some perspective. 

Yes but then you would have a greater number of intelligent people in the populace who might question things instead of being dutiful sheep. Can’t have that.

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So Joan Rivers is more newsworthy than Ferguson?



American journalism at its best…

'Black culture is popular, black people are not'.

This has been the evident though out the years, seen in the media. Thats the sad part.

As for Joan Rivers, she has said so much evil things in her life, yet everyone is acting like she was a…

Mindy Kaling in Southwest: The Magazine

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government should be terrified of their people.

Dont ever be one of the guys that come after

that’s what i’m talking about 


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So Joan Rivers is more newsworthy than Ferguson?

American journalism at its best…

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