Bumping Liberation at the park. #goodmusic (at Hartman Park)

Love Proverbs 31; it’s much like a love letter to women.

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your eyes have not forsaken you . those are MURDERED BABIES….350 children and 460 women ,Out of 1000 injured …. I care not for politics and agendas however in every religion and in every political facet children are innocent….I digress #peaceforpalestine #peacefortheworld

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Life Cycles of Inequity: A Series on Black Men (by racialjustice)

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Collegiate Urges

I miss lugging books back to the dorm, meal plans; science and marketing notes cohabiting in 5 subject notebooks. I miss the architecture and classes where discussions of current events and philosophy intertwined effortlessly.

I miss college more than ever but not sure if I’m ready for graduate school…

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