So Obama can write a handwritten letter to Joan Rivers’ daughter saying how her mother made him and Michelle laugh (I wonder if this was before or after Joan referred to Michelle as the t-slur) but Obama had no time to call off Ferguson police gassing and shooting rubber/wooden bullets at peaceful protestors?

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Oh my god

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Unruly Pomeranians!

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Nigeria retracts statement that schoolgirls were freed

UPDATE, 2:06 pm ET: Nigeria’s military has now retracted its earlier statement to BBC News that some of the schoolgirls abducted from Chibok, Nigeria, in April by Islamist militants had been freed.

Army spokesman Brig Gen Chris Olukolade told the BBC there were girls in military custody, but not those from Chibok as originally thought.

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Photo: A video emerged not long after the abduction showing some of the girls wearing hijabs and reciting Koranic verses. (AP via BBC News)

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The halls of one Texas high school were filled with more than anxious students on Friday. These students literally surrounded their classmate with support after his mother lost her battle with cancer. 

The photo went viral online and led to even more support:

sending prayers.


Happy National Voter Registration Day, Tumblr.

The number one way of celebrating it? Registering to vote.

Every year, millions of eligible Americans neglect to register, which means that millions of important voices are utterly silent on Election Day. Don’t be one of them. There’s basically a 100% chance that something you care about is on the ballot, something you don’t want to be quiet about.

So be one of the loud ones. Register already. It’s an easy form that you already know all the answers to. No excuses.


"September" by Earth, Wind & Fire.
Originally released on the album The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 in 1978.

Dont let ferguson die because it isnt trending anymore

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gotta better myself, my body, my skin and my bank account

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Rare photograph of Spike Lee, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

circa 1986

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